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7 Tips For Having An Amazing Vacation On A Budget

7 Tips For Having An Amazing Vacation On A Budget

Many people have the dream to travel but don't understand how it's possible with their current income and expenses. I personally believe anyone can travel as long as it's planned out correctly. Read below for a few tips.

Plan in Advance

This will probably be your most valuable step. Planning in advance gives you the opportunity to outline and search for great deals. Use this time to get organized; pick a list of sights you want to see, make a list of people you want to go, check the weather averages for each month, just really use this time to map out the perfect trip!

Create a budget, and stick to it!

Before choosing a location, look at your budget and figure out how much money you can realistically spare for this trip. Once that is determined, look at places that can fit in that budget range during the time period you would like to go. This includes flight (if applicable), things to do, living accommodations, food, and commuting fares.

Sticking to the budget will allow you to feel at ease on your vacation and not have to penny pinch during your relaxing stay.

Compare costs

When searching for a great priced trip, you have to have patience. There is a lot of information out there and getting the perfect price takes a while to find. Compare costs for airfare, hotels/airbnb’s, and activities in this area. There is usually always a deal happening so if you’re patient and on the look-out, you’re sure to find a great price.

Go during an off-peak season

Many people travel during the summer and winter holiday season. If your schedule allows, try not to travel during these seasons. This will also help to avoid having trouble finding living accommodations, crowds, and sky rocketed airfare.

Finding a time of year that has good weather, but is during an off-peak season is the best hack.

Stalk Flights

Flight prices vary daily. There’s so many rules out there: buy during this time, call the airline to see if they have a better rate, use these websites, etc. My honest opinion, do it all! If you constantly clear your cookies and do all these things, you can for sure find a good flight deal. Only thing is, once again this takes a lot of patience, planning and consistency. I put some links below to help you on this journey:

Times to buy:

There is no set time, but you should check every morning, midday and night for a week straight to see when fares seem to be low for this particular trip. I usually try 6am, 3pm and 9pm.

Websites to check:


How far in advance:

Best practice is to begin looking 2-6 months in advance. But always remember, the earlier you start, the better your chances are to find a great deal.

Check out public transportation options

When traveling to a metropolitan city, you can pretty much guarantee expensive transportation, but many times the public transit is extremely reasonable. If you feel comfortable, be willing to hop on a subway or local bus to get around the city. This option is usually quicker and way more affordable.

Travel on weekdays

If you have the vacation time from work, or extended vacation from school (lucky), definitely travel on the weekdays! Tuesday and Wednesday tickets are usually extremely low and the airport is nowhere near as crazy as it is on the weekends. You can save about 25% if you have the luxury of flying on the weekdays.

If all of this sounds too overwhelming, or you just don’t have the time to plan out a trip, don’t fret. I am officially launching my travel planning services this August! Look out for more information on having an amazing trip for a low price.

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