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4 Tips for Juggling a Healthy Work-Life Balance

4 Tips for Juggling a Healthy Work-Life Balance

While trying to make your way to the top, the whole work-life balance thing may seem impossible and irrelevant. Trust me, I get it, I basically live in my office and then I have to carve out hours to work on this blog, but to live a complete and healthy life, we must not put ourselves and our relationships on the back burner. Below are 4 tips that may help with stabilizing your life:

Really Be in the Moment

This tip is what I personally struggle with the most. Living in the technology age makes it almost impossible to focus on just one thing at a time. Here are some things that have really helped me truly be in the moment:

FOCUS. Most of our attention spans are basically non existent (which is why some of you will only skim this post haha) so it’s a no brainer that we’re easily distracted. This can happen at work with co-worker gossip or when a good show pops up on the tv screen as you’re headed out.  

My advice would be to always stay aware that your time is precious and you can never get this moment back. So if you notice the conversation with your co-worker may take a while, ask to go get drinks later to talk about it so you don’t end up finishing that project after hours. If your roommate starts talking to you while you’re in the middle of blogging, suggest a movie night to catch up on each others lives. Just keep make sure distractions don’t eat away all your time.

PUT THE PHONE AWAY. With text message, social media, and email alerts constantly flickering on our mobile devices, how can we possibly help but check our phones every 30 seconds? To eliminate this temptation, just put the phone away for the time being and really focus on what you’re doing and the people around you.

SILENCE YOUR THOUGHTS. If you’re anything like me, you always have a million things going through your mind at all times so when you’re around people or in a meeting you can’t concentrate.Truly focusing is way harder said than done so I would suggest meditation and exercise as means to learn how to clear your mind and concentrate. Headspace and Calm are really good free apps to get started on your meditation journey.

Intentionally Make Time

The age old saying "we all have the same 24 hours in a day" is very true. When researching people who "have it all," I found that it's because they MADE time for things that are important to them. My blogging coach Janelle Brown, gave me the exercise to keep track and write out my daily schedule for a week straight and then go back and see when I actually had free time. I was amazed in the amount of little time slots I had throughout the day.

GET EVERYONE ON BOARD. After taking a deep look into your schedule, create time a list of things that are important to you and schedule them in. Yes, you will have to train your friends and loved ones to respect the schedule and the amount of time you have for them, but just explain that you are actually prioritizing them which is why you're making the time in the first place. 

PRIORITIZE "ME TIME" Always schedule "me time," even if it's just 15 minutes each day to focus on yourself! Exercise, do a face mask, give yourself a manicure, cook, read a book, or watch your favorite show; whatever it is that makes you happy and gives you some alone time.

SIDE HUSTLE HOURS And of course, make time for your side gigs and aspirations. When working your day job or side hustle, make sure that you don't allow people or situations to distract you and get into that set time. Again, you must train the people around you to know that when you're working, you're all in and you will make time for them later. Seems a little harsh, but in life you can't make everyone happy all the time so just understand that there's only one of you and boundaries have to be set to have your time respected.

Stick to the schedule 

BE FLEXIBLE. Sticking a set schedule is easier said than done because "life" doesn't happen on a schedule. My tip here would be to try and stick to the schedule as much as you can but also be flexible. If something happens out of order or something unexpected gets added to your day, just rearrange your schedule. Your schedule is like a puzzle, you always have to find where the pieces fit. 

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. In the beginning it will be harder to figure out a set schedule because you haven't been conscious to when you have time and how long certain things may take, but after practice your schedule planning will be second nature to you. 

State important events in advance

COMMUNICATE. people are not mind readers so if they see or feel that you have free time they will try to insert themselves in it. Now, I literally hate explaining myself, but if I know that someone is expecting something from me or my schedule  is usually shared with a certain group or person at a time that something important is set for, I let the people know in advance. Don't wait until that awkward moment when your boss asks you for an assignment you weren't able to complete because of a 5 hour meeting or your aunt calls you for y'all's usual Sunday dinner that you have to miss for a networking event. Show others you respect their time by over communicating. 

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8


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