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Soco So Delicioso!

Soco So Delicioso!

I usually don’t try places that I find are “over-hyped” because I’m typically very disappointed, but I’m glad I decided to try Soco! The journey to this restaurant was pretty challenging for me via public transit, but once inside I knew it was worth it. The dinner aesthetic is very romantic yet has a cool vibe for friend groups to also enjoy. While waiting for my friend (who was extremely tardy may I add), I sat at the bar and ordered a “Mardi Gras” which tasted amazing but was definitely not light on the alcohol, well worth the money.

Once we were seated I immediately took note to everyone’s plates around me and wanted EVERYTHING! I started with the F-Que Wings, they were pretty good but nothing impressive so I wasn’t sure how the remainder of the meal would be. That’s when the mac and cheese arrived and O-M-G this dish was incredible! I could’ve left without an entrée and been a-okay!

In between the starters and the main dish, I ordered a “Soco Island” which was fine, but the Mardi Gras was definitely a better option. For the entrée I ordered the Smoked BBQ Chicken which came with mashed potatoes and green beans but by the time the meal came I was convinced I couldn’t eat another bite...until I saw the deliciousness on the plate! I clearly couldn’t finish the meal, but I tried everything and was extremely pleased.

After I nearly had to be rolled out the restaurant, I took my doggy bag home and the left overs were just as good as the original. I definitely recommend this to everyone on their next trip to Brooklyn.

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