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Navigating Savannah:  St. Patrick's Day 2017

Navigating Savannah: St. Patrick's Day 2017

Being a Savannah native means that you sometimes take this beautiful and historic city for granted. It wasn’t until I left an returned for short visits that I realized it’s charm. A celebration that always gets me back to the low country is St. Patrick’s Day! Being the second largest St. Patty’s Day celebration in the US, Savannah paints the city green with a week long of festivities celebrating the luck of the Irish.

This year I decided to go and bring down some of my college friends to participate in the festivities, which made me more aware of tourists attractions. See some awesome things we experienced below!

Dancing in the streets

The square called “City Market” comes alive during St Patrick’s Day. With live bands, drink vendors and quite the crowd, this is the ultimate place to have a good time.

Seafood, Seafood, and More Seafood!

Tubby’s Seafood on River Street is a Savannah staple right on the water. I’ve actually never eaten here before this weekend but having visitors gave me an opportunity to try! The food was delicious but the service is slow so don’t come too hungry.

The seafood continued the entire weekend with low country boils from Lynda’s, snow crab legs from Fiddlers and oysters from Shrimp Factory.

Proposal from Randoms

I certainly can’t leave out when I got proposed to in the middle of the street. If only love was really this easy! Hahaha! Go on to Savannah and get you a husband gals!

Slow Ride Bar Crawl


We weren’t able to do this but I definitely suggest this to anyone that’s visiting. The Slow Ride Bar Crawl is a 2-hour ride around savannah’s local bar scene. Everyone on these tours seemed like they were having an amazing time and there were plenty of drinks to be accounted for.

All in all, the weekend was definitely fun and I highly suggest Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day or any weekend getaway! 

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