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5 Things I learned while coordinating my birthday weekend

5 Things I learned while coordinating my birthday weekend

So today is my 26th birthday and I'm so excited! I always think birthday's are a big deal because God gave you another year to get closer to your life's purpose and enjoy the ride as you go! Last year I went to Costa Rica to celebrate but this year I tried to cut costs by staying in New York (didn't work). Planning is something I'm really good at so I wanted to share some tips on what I learned this year while planning a day long of events for a group of 30. 

1. Spread out the events

My first mistake was making everything on Saturday. I had a brunch, activity, hair and makeup appointment, pregame, and club night all planned for Saturday. Having events back to back is extremely tiring. After we left a 2 hour bottomless brunch, I fell asleep in the Escape the Room! So pointer, add in nap times. 

2. Stay within your set budget

I planned a budget for this weekend 2 months ago, but once the plan was being executed, I began a downward cycle of spending. From Ubers, to extra bottles, to buying makeup. Everything began to add up. Take my advice, stick to your exact plan to avoid the extra spending. 

3. Make everyone pay beforehand

I was really good on sending reminders to people about the costs of things beforehand and setting a date that money should be sent to me, but you always have those 2 or 3 people that seem like they never received your messages. Now it's that awkward moment when ya'll are about to walk into the establishment and you have to ask them to pay you before they sit down. To avoid this, I would suggest invoicing people on Venmo if they haven't paid you by the allocated date and time. Friendships shouldn't be strained over money. 

4. Don't let anyone or anything ruin your day

"It's my birthday I can cry if I want?" WRONG! No, it's your birthday so nothing and no one should ruin it for you. So if people around you have an attitude, if the guy you really like doesn't send you a birthday snapchat, if your hair messed up, don't sweat it! Believe me, you'll be so annoyed that you gave the energy to all that negativity the next day. Focus on you today and just be grateful for another year!

5. Reflect on your goals for this new stage in your life

After all the commotion is over, go to a silent place and really reflect on yourself. Write what you think you can improve on from your previous age and write what you want to accomplish before the next. I always say your birthday is really your New Years, so make those resolutions.

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