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Rummaging through Renegade

Rummaging through Renegade

While speaking to a co-worker about my hunt for Mod Creators, a co-worker told me about the Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg. This Market happens every summer all across America, and fortunately Brooklyn is one of its stops! 

I decided to go on the June 20th date and I was pleasantly surprised by the set up. There were people sun bathing and reading on the grass by the water, food vendors that sold everything from actual coconut water to pull pork sandwiches, and creatives that were displaying their hand crafted items. 

After filling my belly with truffle fries, I headed over to the craft area to explore. The first tent that caught my eye was the Brooklyn Shoe Space, where I also met Alexandria Willis (read her story under Mod Creators) in a group of leather artist that create hand crafted accessories. This studio's mission to offer a fully equipped studio for shoe makers, to be a reliable resource for shoe designers, to encourage creativity in the community and make shoemaking accessible to a wider audience. 

Sandals by  Alexandria Willis

Sandals by Alexandria Willis

Next I stopped at a young designers tent named Tamika Rivera as she displayed her line CUYO. Cuyo, meaning “light”, is a line of sustainable accessories that is inspired by sculpture and an expression of light seen in living things.

CUYO by  Tamika Rivera

As statement pieces mixed with minimalist attire are extremely "on-trend" right now, what better time to invest in a beautiful architectural piece for the body? Her use of colors and roping materials left me in awe with the unique statement they portrayed. 

3-dimensional art has become a fascination in today's culture. Technology had allowed designers to bring their CAD's (computer aided design) alive by using a laser to make the exact cuts of their art work. I've heard about 3-D accessory art for years now, but I've never experienced it in person so I was pleasantly surprised when I passed a table that focused solely on the art.

Designs by  Slice Lab

Designs by Slice Lab

Slice Lab is a think tank that specializes in digital design. The company conducts virtual experiments where sculpture, technology and the organic world all crash together to create something new. The company is based out of New York City and San Francisco and does amazing designs based on architecture.

 Festival season is one of my favorite for fashion because of the youthful vibrancy that comes with it. So as tents were being broken down for the ending of the day's events, I ran to this table of head pieces that I knew would be perfect for a festive look. These spectacular headbands can be used in any look and have even been seen tied around necks as a statement choker. This trend was the perfect scout to end a fantastic day of findings. 

Sultry September- Trend Report

Sultry September- Trend Report

The Stone Age

The Stone Age